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Of Mice & Men – Defy

Single baru Of Mice and Men dengan warna musik yang terdengar menggabungkan warna dari dua single sebelumnya yang sudah rilis yakni Warzone dan Unbreakable. Lagu yang berjudul sama dengan album baru yang akan dirilis pada tanggal 19 Januari 2018 bersama Rise Records.

Lirik Of Mice & Men - Defy

Lifecycles & planned obsolescence
A perfect trap disguised as assistance
It takes the pain away.
It takes the pain away.

Control the sentience of the masses
Relief replaced with silent disaster
But I won’t fade away.
No, I won’t fade away.

I defy, this hopelessness
I defy, your callousness
I defy, Irreverent, I will rise
I see through your disguise, & all your lies.
I defy.

A numbing cure for the common existence.
Replace security for subsistence.
It takes the pain away.
It takes the pain away.

Victimize, enable, beguile
A body count without a reprisal
But I won’t fade away,
No, I won’t fade away.

Sometimes the pain of life’s too much to mitigate
But I refuse to march into an early grave.

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